About Us

Evoke International continue to establish dynamic new technologies towards the benefit of the Mobile Services Industry and Entertainment Industry of SrI Lanka and globally. Founded in 2008, Evoke is the leading aggregator and platform provider for movies, music, videos and other content in the country along with being top Youtube channel in Sri Lanka.

Evoke's flagship brand “EVOPLAY” is an On-Demand platform that lets anyone access and view Sri Lankan movies, tele-dramas, Talks shows, music videos and other content across sports, comedy, pop culture, documentaries, talk shows and even astrology at their fingertips anytime anywhere at their fingertips without having to pay any subscription fees. On Evoplay there is always something new to offer, from classical to latest, across a variety of genres with over 10,000 + content hours, available through Android, IOS & WEB.

Evoke International Limited

No.86, Kirula Road,

Colombo 00500,

Sri Lanka.

For more information please drop an email to info@evoplay.lk