• What is Evoplay?

EvoPlay is a platform to watch unlimited Sinhala movies, teledramas, Originals , Music videos and songs on demand. If you are looking for the most popular movies classics to the latest trending movies across a variety of genres it’s all on EvoPlay.

  • Is this service free for the user?

Yes This service is Free for the users

  • How to sign in to this service?

Sign in Via Web

  1. 1To sign in to this service on evoplay.lk

    Log in to Evoplay.lk

  2. Sign in to Evoplay by clicking on sign in at the right hand top corner
  3. Sign in using your preferred account, Google or Facebook.
  4. Update your profile information.

Sign in Via App

  1. Download Evoplay through App Store or Google Play store
  2. Sign in using your preferred account, Google or Facebook

  • How can I download the app on to my mobile device?

This application is readily available on App Store and Google play store. It can be simply downloaded by searching Evoplay on your respective app store or play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evoke.evoplay

  • How do I create an account?

Once the app is downloaded on to the phone and at the time of logging into the app it automatically requests to create an account or you can also manage your account by simply logging into www.evoplay.lk

  • What is the minimum age requirement?

Anyone above 16 years of age

  • How to select the language preference on Evoplay mobile App?

Users have the option to select the language they prefer to view the App. This can be selected when they log into the app for the first time and later they will be able to change language on profile settings.

For more information please drop an email to info@evoplay.lk